Investor Relations

Investor Relations

XLMedia - Full year results 2017 webcast.


XLMedia - Half year results 2017 webcast


XLMedia - Full year results webcast


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Mr. Ory Weihs speaks at the Stock Market Show

XLMedia PLC, whose operations were established in 2008, is a global digital publisher and marketing company which attracts paying users from different online channels and directs them to online gambling operators. The Company was incorporated in the Seychelles in 2012 and, on 26 November 2013, transferred its place of incorporation, by way of continuance, from the Seychelles to Jersey. The Group provides marketing services to online gambling operators.

The Group attracts players through online marketing techniques and subsequently seeks to channel high value ‘‘traffic’’ (i.e. players) to gambling operators who, in turn, convert such traffic into paying customers. Online gamblers are attracted by the Group’s publications and advertisements and are then directed, by the Group, to online gambling operators in return for a share of the revenue generated by such players, a fee generated per player acquired, fixed fees or a hybrid of any of these three models.

Online gambling operators typically invest heavily in brand building through online and offline advertising to attract online players, and also use a network of marketing partners, known as affiliates, to promote their products and services. These partners are remunerated by the gambling operators for each player they refer to them.