Significant Shareholders

Significant Shareholders

The Company’s issued share capital, as at March 17th, 2017, consists of 200,352,402 ordinary shares with a nominal value of US $0.000001 each (“Ordinary Shares”).
Please note that the Company has, through its Articles of Association, elected to be treated as a UK-issuing company. Accordingly, significant shareholdings should be disclosed at 3%.

At December 30th, 2016 the following interests of shareholders in excess of 3%, have been notified to the Company.

Shareholder Number of ordinary shares held Ordinary shares as % of issued shared capital
Slater Investments Ltd. 8,327,148 4.16
River and Mercantile Asset Management LLP 7,305,145 3.65
Investec Asset Management Ltd. 7,220,244 3.6

Directors Holdings At March 17th, 2017

 Shareholder  Number of ordinary shares held  Ordinary shares as % of issued shared capital
Chris Bell 357,000 0.18%
Richard Rosenberg 51,000 0.03%
Ory Weihs* 7,040,673 3.51%

* Ory Weihs holds 3.51% of the Company’s existing issued share capital, of which 2,566,667 ordinary shares are held directly and 4,474,006 ordinary shares are held through an indirect economic interest in (but with no control of the voting rights attaching to) such ordinary shares which are held by Webpals Enterprises Limited.

 % not in public hands

At March 17th, 2017

In accordance with the AIM Rule 26 in so far as the Company is aware, the percentage of the Company’s issued share capital that is not in public hands is 34.61%.

Webpals Enterprises Limited Partnership 45,040,327
Ory Weihs (directly) 2,566,667
Israeli VC Partners LP 19,166,487
Tamir Fishman Asset Management * 2,167,729
Chris Bell 357,000
Richard Rosenberg 51,000
69,349,210 34.61%

* Tamir Fishman is the appointed trustee (the “Trustee“) for the purposes of the Company’s Global Share Incentive Plan (the “GSIP“). The shares will be used to satisfy future obligations of the Company under the GSIP. Under the terms of the trust agreement, the Trustee has agreed to waive its voting rights and all entitlements to dividends issued by the Company, in each case, in respect of such shares prior to the transfer of those shares to satisfy the exercise of options pursuant to the terms of the GSIP.