We Are XLMedia

XLMedia is a market-leading provider of digital marketing services. The Group uses proprietary tools and methodologies to generate high value traffic for our customers, in return for a revenue share, fixed fees or a hybrid of both.

We operate across a number of verticals with specific expertise in the online gaming sector, where we partner with over 150 online gaming operators in more than 20 countries.

Online gambling is now worth an estimated $32bn per annum and continues to grow strongly. Online marketing techniques are central to attracting new customers and maintaining market presence for many gambling operators.

Our Divisions

The Group has three divisions based on its primary marketing methodologies: content and search engine optimisation (“Publishing”), digital media buying and its affiliate network.


XLMedia owns more than 2,000 web sites, in 18 languages, which act as a “customer doorway” for gambling operators. These content rich websites are designed to attract online gaming players which are then directed to XLMedia’s clients. Sophisticated research, optimisation, testing and analysis on in-house platforms ensure that the websites maintain high rankings on internet search engines, which in turn drives online traffic.

Typically, the division operates revenue share agreements, generating high margin returns. The Group utilises a number of business intelligence tools to track the flow and quality of traffic to its customers’ sites and analyses the quality and conversion into revenue using these tools to achieve an improved return on investment.

Digital Media Buying

XLMedia creates and deploys cutting-edge online media campaigns across a range of platforms. It utilises formats such as paid search, display (banners, pop-ups etc), mobile and in-app advertising to drive traffic either to XLMedia’s own sites or to operator brands.

The Group has expertise in running a large number of simultaneous marketing campaigns across different languages and platforms. Its proprietary technology and continual analysis of campaigns provide unique market insights and perspective to maximise returns. In addition, its established industry relationships, scale and track record also enable it to achieve favourable media buying terms.

Affiliate Network

XLMedia currently manages approximately 300 independent affiliate partners on behalf of its gaming customers. By acting as a single point of contact, the Group offers an attractive and effective service for both affiliates and gaming operators. XLMedia manages a large pool of affiliates simply and efficiently via its proprietary systems, with affiliates benefitting from ongoing support and access to multiple operators.

All traffic generated by affiliates from gambling operators generates a commission for XLMedia, either as a percentage of their revenue or per customer acquired. As the programme offers affiliates the ability to promote many brands, the Group usually obtains a large share of traffic from the total traffic which each individual affiliate generates.