XLMedia Plc

Since our IPO on AIM in March 2014, the Group has a proven track record of delivering and integrating earnings accretive acquisitions to expand our vertical and geographic reach

Jan 2018

Acquisition of Finnish Network

  • Finnish gambling related informational websites
  • Up to EUR 15m

Aug 2017

Acquisition of Money Under 30

  • US-focused website for financial services
  • USD 7m

Jun 2017

Acquisition of Secure Thoughts

  • Cyber security comparison website
  • USD 2m

Apr 17

Acquisition of Romanian network

  • Expanding geographic reach and diversification
  • USD 1m

Feb 17

Acquisition of ClicksMob

  • US-focused mobile performance marketing company
  • USD 5.1m

Jan 17

Acquisition of GreedyRates

  • Canada-based portal for credit card comparison
  • USD 9.3m


Acquisition of domains, websites and other related assets

  • USD 3.2m


Acquisition of UK mobile market and U.S. Market assets

  • Expansion in the UK mobile market
  • USD 7.4m (excluding the June acquisition)

Jun 2015

Majority acquisition MarMar Media

  • Expansion in the UK mobile market
  • USD 7.4m (excluding the June acquisition)

Sep 2014

Acquisition of DAU UP

  • User acquisition for mobile games
  • USD 19m

Aug 2014

Acquisition of UK-based sports betting affiliate site

  • USD 6.7m

Jul 2014

Acquisition of Scandinavian network

  • Extended reach into the regulated Danish market
  • USD 2.3m

Apr 2014

High potential domain in North America

  • Also acquired a poker website
  • USD 0.3m and 0.1m, respectively

Mar 2014


Dec 2013


XLMedia generated revenues of $34.5m and adjusted EBITDA of $13.3m