XLMedia Plc

The appointment of a new executive management team in 2019 will reposition the Company with a strategy to reach new growth markets and territories now underway. Download our 2019 Annual Report (PDF).

2019 Revenue
2019 Adj. EBITDA

“There are significant market opportunities for performance marketing companies that can truly activate and engage consumers, whilst also cultivate strategic, tenured partnerships with brands and operators alike. Specifically, with brands increasing their direct-to-consumer marketing activities, and traditional value chains collapsing, companies like XLMedia should be thriving in many verticals and markets, offering access to consumers and players for an attractive return.”

“I believe with the Executive team we are building – who have the skills and experience to deliver transformation, and the balance sheet – to survive the intense market conditions, we will come out of this period leaner, better operationally structured and driven to grow quickly.” 

Stuart Simms, Chief Executive Officer

2019 Full Year Results Webcast


2019 - $79.7 m 100%
2018 - $93.5 m 100%

Adjusted EBITDA

2019 - $33.5 m 100%
2018 - $43.6 m 100%

Adjusted profit before tax

2019 - $25.3 m 100%
2018 - $36.4 m 100%

(*) Reclassified ‐ excluding discontinued operations

(**) Earnings Before interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization and excluding share‐based payments, impairment and reorganisation costs

(***) Excluding loss from impairment and reorganisation costs