XLMedia Plc

The Company has historically paid dividends and intends to continue doing so. The Board’s policy is to pay out at least 50 per cent of retained earnings by way of dividend. The Directors will continue to monitor the level of cash retained within the business as well as investment opportunities available to the Group and, from time to time, review the appropriateness of such policy.

5th April 20193rd May, 2019Final Dividend4.01828.4
5th October 20182nd November 2018Interim Dividend3.0046.5
23rd March 201820th April 2018Final Dividend3.71058
22nd September 201713th October 2017Interim Dividend4.02268
17th March 20177th April 2017Final Dividend3.78647.5
7th October 20164th November 2016Interim Dividend3.82057.5
29th January 201626th February 2016Final Dividend2.49565
2nd October 201530th October 2015Interim Dividend2.5955
10th April 20158th May 2015Final Dividend1.5765
26th September 201431st October 2014Interim Dividend1.583
12th May 201412th June 2014Final Dividend2.7685.25