XLMedia Plc

XLMedia PLC is a leading digital publishing group. We deliver the most relevant and valuable customers to global online businesses.

We own content-rich websites in 18 languages, which alongside in-house technology and exclusive data make us one of the strongest players in the industry. We make the most out of all the three resources to help consumers find the best available product or service to purchase. By helping consumers, we drive vast numbers of highly engaged users to our partners and generate the highest return on our assets.


2,000+ Owned and Operated Websites

Solid understanding of website management, content creation, and SEO optimization – are what enables our websites to rank at the top of search results and helps us drive maximum return on asset.

Dozens of dedicated, in-house teams of expert writers, editors, and SEO specialists create content that resonates with consumers, fits their intent, and drives action.

Our customized content is made to match the needs of segmented users:

  • In-depth product reviews
  • Educational videos
  • Informative articles
  • Smart tracking and segmentation tools


Tech Solutions that Boost ROA

Using our proprietary machine learning algorithms, content management systems, and advanced business intelligence tools, we can successfully match the best advertiser’s offer to users’ preferences.

Our technological capabilities include:

  • Scalable content management system
  • Data modeling tools
  • Smart tracking and segmentation tools


Using Data for Optimization

Our websites generate significant volumes of data. We leverage our statistical and data modeling tools to index millions of unique data points at different stages of the user journey, identifying consumer activities and spotting trends in consumer behavior.

To ensure better conversion and yield, our experts also perform:

  • Conversion rate optimization
  • User intent analysis
  • User lifetime value prediction
  • Cross-market analysis

Working with a diverse global customer base

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