XLMedia Plc

2021 Revenue
2021 Adj. EBITDA

“We’ve made great progress in North America during 2021 alongside delivering important organisational changes to both rationalise and ring-fence legacy areas of our business. We set out to become a significant player in North American Sports — in line with our strategy to pursue high growth, large, regulated markets — we’re now in really good shape, with strong geographical coverage and capability, ready to fully exploit this significant market opportunity.” 

Stuart Simms, Chief Executive Officer

“In 2021, the Group evolved its operational capabilities – upskilling and realigning our global workforce to better match strategy and generate new future growth. I’m proud of our people for driving through a period of significant change including having to navigate continued restrictions relating to the Covid pandemic. The business is becoming more agile and responsive so that it can fully exploit new opportunities.”

Julie Markey, Interim-Chair at XLMedia

2021 Full Year Results Webcast


2021- $66.5 m 100%
2020- $54.8 m 100%

Adjusted EBITDA

2021- $17.9 m 100%
2020- $12.2 m 100%

(*) Reclassified ‐ excluding discontinued operations

(**) Earnings Before interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization and excluding share‐based payments, impairment and reorganisation costs

(***) Excluding loss from impairment and reorganisation costs