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XLMedia’s Media Partnership Business (MPB) is a collective of leading sports media and news publishers that benefit from our quality storytelling, industry expertise and operator relationships. Newly signed publishers with high brand equity, authority in their space, engaged audiences and distinct value propositions add to an impressive roster that expands geographical coverage, audience reach and revenue opportunities for Partners and XLMedia alike.

Media partners provide prized audiences, we provide the sports betting and iGaming commercial content those partners need, and together we share in the revenue it generates. The Group has extensive experience partnering with media businesses and the partnership model is a core competency of XLMedia – and an approach with which we have had repeated (and repeatable) success.

“We are delighted with the success from our partnership over the last two years and thrilled to continue in the years to come. The collaboration and commitment from the XLMedia team has been exceptional.”

— Joshua Schneps, Chief Executive Officer, Schneps Media
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XLMedia provides operators with high-quality coverage, extensive reach and regulatory compliance they can trust. Our credentialed commercial writers create content that resonates as deeply as traditional editorial and adds value to the fan experience, driving greater retention and engagement. We provide an always-on connection to high-volume, high-value traffic that can be accessed via multiple monetization points through the combined reach of our O&O brands and media partners. And our commitment to responsible wagering and regulatory best practices means we aid fans who want to become new bettors and existing bettors alike safely – underpinned by a specialist in-house team that actively manages Google compliance and market regulation.

“As we grow bet365’s presence in North America, we are delighted to extend our commercial partnership with XLMedia. XLMedia’s proven ability to activate audiences in key markets is incredibly important. Our commitment to providing customers with the best user experience will only be enhanced through this relationship.”

— A bet365 Spokesperson
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Advertisers that partner with XLMedia gain access to a unique portfolio of national, local and specialised sports brands – and connection to passionate, high-value audiences. Whether the goal is a national campaign aimed at awareness or a regionally-targeted play for deeper user engagement, XLMedia brands help advertisers authentically connect with audiences in a memorable way.

We leverage a deep understanding of sports fandoms and audience behaviors to inform our ideas, develop strategies and generate compelling, custom advertiser integrations. Our teams utilise a combination of editorial, marketing and product expertise to craft highly visible sponsorship opportunities that exceed goals and elevate brands.

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